Timi Reedy
Timi Reedy
[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Global Partnerships”]Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks Timi quickly learnt to be an innovative operator, resourceful in nature, and to build authentic connections with people to create a positive impact.[/wr_vc_textblock]

Venture Capitalist

My key investment ingredients for any venture: 1. Problem/pain (what are you solving and how); 2. Market size; 3. Product/service description; 4. Customers and sales channels; 5. Management team background; 6. Competitor analysis; 7. Financial projections; 8. Path to liquidity.

Project Advisor

I don’t pretend I know everything on day one. I ask questions to understand current processes, & keep them simple. I learn what inspires my new team, then achieve success together. I make sure I have a full understanding of the project objectives, assets, & risks.

Global Trader

I believe that the core of any global strategy for trade has to focus on six key concepts: 1. Strong Offerings; 2. Market Opportunity; 3. Supply Chain Logistics; 4. International Law Compliance; 5. Strategic Partnerships; 6. Local Resources.

Social Change Advocate

Using my resources, including my own voice, physical presence, money, energy, and/or time, I honour, support, and partner with people, institutions, and policies that align with my values and vision for a world of equity and justice.

Disruptive Innovator

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Global connector, fintech entrepreneur, and disruptive innovator.”]

Timi has been challenging the way people trade globally across several countries including New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Africa and Australia. Timi currently owns and drives multiple award winning companies in finance, transport, global trading, education, security and marketing.


My Free Gift to You

Based on experiences in my own life – growing up on the wrong side of the tracks – in a dysfunctional, violent environment, I know first-hand how important it is to teach your child basic financial literacy. This is why I created this eBook and am giving it away for free.

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR GEN Z'”]Imagine if you knew everything to know about money and how to set yourself up for success at 16. How much different would your life be?[/wr_vc_textblock]

Access to opportunity

Based on the experiences in my own life – Growing up on the wrong side of the tacks – In a disruptive and violent environment, I know first-hand that sometimes all people need is access to the opportunity to grow. My mission is to help solve economic challenges through cooperative capitalism that is focused on sustainability and wealth generation for everyone.


Cooperative Capitalism

Sustainability and Wealth Generation for Everyone
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The long game!

Timi Reedy is currently advising and heading a number of projects and Investments both in Australia and abroad with a strong focus on new opportunities and investments derived form the after effects of the pandemic. “Playing the long game – eschewing short-term gratification in order to work toward an uncertain but worthy future goal – isn’t easy. But it’s the surest path to meaningful and lasting success in a world that, so often, prioritises what’s easy, quick – and ultimately shallow.”

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The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.


Port Melbourne, Australia VIC 3207

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